Welcome to Borderline Chic, your exclusive source to everything fashion.  Our philosophy is to bring tznius style to the fashionably frum.  This site will help inspire you in all things fashion and beauty.  Borderline Chic’s fabulous contributors are experts in the beauty industry and are here to guide you in beauty, skin care, tznius style, marriage, cooking, parenting…life.  Fashion is about expressing yourself and showing the world who you really are,  we hope you enjoy this site.

Shop www.BorderlineChic.com for beauty, skin care and accessories.  10% of all our proceeds are donated to charity.

If you have any hand-made items to sell or have services in the beauty or fashion industry and if you would like have your services listed,

contact  info@borderlinechic.com

Want to be a contributor, write about tznius style, health and nutrition, fashion articles, parenting, marriage, beauty, skin care, salon, spa, art and music reviews…life

contact, B.chic@borderlinechic.com

Think you’re a chic fashionista, send us a photo and be featured in Street Chic page. Please send only, tznius or modest material.

contact, StreetStyle@borderlinechic.com


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  1. Fabulous blog! am in love to become followers…keep visiting my page regularly yea*-*

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