Best Beauty Apps to have on your iphone, ipad or Android.

  • SpaFinder: On vacation and desperate for a mani + pedi NOW(!) or looking for some much-needed R&R. SpaFinder can find a spa closest to you in seconds faster than you can tap your Louboutins together.
  • HourFace 3D Aging Photo: Still not motivated to apply SPF in the a.m before running out for your morning latte. This app is definitely for you! Upload your pic and right before your eyes via 3D imaging your face will appear from carefree femme to wrinkled granny. Caution: This app might cause you to book an emergency treatment with your fave aesthetician.
  • My Fitness Pal: This app is like your very own nutritionist or personal trainer at your fingertips. This app provides a daily or weekly summary of every morsel of food you consume from that sushi take out to that one too many pina coladas with the girls, that you care to admit. Automatically subtracting the burned calories from exercise, it even has a barcode to scan in your fave food products for their nutritional value.
  • Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite: Ever wanted smaller thighs or to tame that tummy. Honestly, who hasn’t. Just upload your face or full body photo and use your fingers to grow or shrink desired body parts. It’s a pretty fun app but also very useful for those seriously considering plastic surgery.
  • InStyle Hairstyle Try-On: Snap a photo of yourself with your device’s camera, then filter through celebrity ‘dos. You can modify your face shape, style, length, and color. This beats bringing magazine cutouts to your stylist and regretting the cut, lets just say the Rachel isn’t for everyone.
  • Good Guide: As an Aesthetician I’m always scanning the back of the product’s ingredient list or endlessly googleling if the product is really green or animal friendly. If words like phthalates, parabens, and sodium laurel ether sulfate are not part of your vocab, no problem. Photograph the product’s bar code and instantly download facts on just how green the product is. Then receive an assessment on how good the item is for your health and the environment, followed by a list of ingredients and picks of other greener options.
  • Love My Skin: Ever wonder WTH is that?! This app is a mole map for skin cancer prevention — use it to diagram moles on your body. Take an active role with your health and use it as a reference to show your doctor if you have any concerns.
  • FaceLift Makeover By ModiFace:  Before you consider going under the knife or even a little botox see the results first! Take a photo and use the tools to see what results of injections, blepharoplasty, brow lifts, lip augmentation, or rhinopasty would look like. Highly recommended app for repeat plastic surgery patients. This is a great way to know when enough, is enough…(cough, cough) Heidi Montag.