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Did you know that coconut oil may help you trim that extra belly fat?  We know that, coconut oil applied topically is very beneficial to dry skin, dandruff and post sun-damage, but a new study shows that taking coconut oil, along with a well-balanced diet, helped dieters lose more weight.  Even though it is high in calories, 117 calories and 13.6 grams of fat, per tablespoon, to be precise, coconut oil still boosts metabolism and improves thyroid glands.  The type of fatty acid found in coconut oil is a healthy one and allows you to burn through it faster than your normal cooking oils.  If your thinking of trying a coconut oil diet, it is recommended to substitute 3 tablespoons of your everyday cooking or baking oils with coconut.  This is not recommended to be used as a long-term diet and of course eating a well-balanced diet and moderate excercise is always a best when trying to lose weight long-term.