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Estee Gotts Style

So everyone thinks that makeup is only good when its crazy expensive, right?
Well, in some cases I find that the quality of more expensive makeup is better; but when it comes to mascara, it’s the complete opposite!  I even keep trying to buy the department store brands, just to see if I missed out on a new and improved product but nope, I keep coming back to these classics.
I find that mixing two mascaras gives you the best look, thickness without clumping and super long lashes.  Best of both worlds, right?
Clinique makes a wonderful mascara, that wont clump of flake out and its also extremely affordable.
How to apply a clean mascara application:
  1.  Make sure all previous mascara is off your lashes.
  2. Curl your lashes with an eye curler (If you have stubborn lashes that don’t really curl or stay curled, take a blow dryer and add a little heat to your curler,  for 5-10 seconds only.  Then let it cool, it can be extremely hot, so test it with your finger first!  Then use it as you would normally would. 
  3. Start with the top of your upper lashes and go over it with a sweeping motion.
  4. Do the same with your lash, as you normally would apply it and blink slowly starting at the base of your eye to the tip of your lash.  If need be wiggle your brush all the way to the top, to get a great clean but bolder look.
  5. Lower lashes – use the tip of the wand and go over each lash.