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Estee Gotts Style

I’ll make this as easy as possible for you:
You definitely need a eye primer, though I have never used this primer (below) myself but I’ve heard from a lot of people that this a great primer.  No matter what you use, you can just buy eye concealer, really as long as you have a base, that the eye shadow can sit on it. 

You are going to need a flat brush, above is an example of one looks like. I just love Mac’s website, because it is clean and all of you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Actually, those Smokey eye pallets that cosmetic or drugs stores sell are usually right on the dot, to make it quick and easy.  I’m going to start off with a basic beginners look and as we go on in time I will get into the more complicated smokey eyes.

Follow these easy steps and you will be ready to hit the town in no time…… 

Step 1

Add a little bit of primer all over your lid and all the way up to the brow bone. 

Step 2

Now, with a flat brush, any kind will do.  Take your flat brush and PAT don’t smear PAT!!!   Pat a shimmery light color all around the base of your eye.  Once you have got that color all patted down you can start blending up into crease then stop right above the crease. 

Step 3

Highlight: wipe off you brush with a paper towel and add a vanilla or a whitish shade something that will match but not necessarily blend.  You want the highlight to pop out your upper lid and brow bone.

Step 4 

SMOKE IT OUT:  Once again just so you get the idea use your MAC 213 Fluff Brush.

Take your darkest pigment and dab your brush in it.   Flick off the excess eye shadow or else it can come on really heavy and leave a blotch.

Start in the outer crease and start circling the brush in small strokes.  Once you built that you can start moving into the actual crease/fold of the eye and go back to the outer corner and back again.  You should start sweeping back and forth  from crease to outer corner until its blended out completely.

Now your ready to hit the town!