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 “What Foundation Should I use?”

Ok now this is tricky ….. depending on your individual skin type so I’m going to break it down between normal, oily, dry and combination skin types.

So first off we have normal skin:
You guys are the lucky ones, practically all foundations work great with your skin.  Now, all you have to decide is what look you want to go for?  Matte or dewy and do you want heavy or light coverage.  The heavy and light coverage all depends on how you apply your makeup.  Obviously the more you apply the more you will cover but you should definitely avoid the cakey look.
Now my favorite foundation in the world.
 This works for every skin tone, I would not recommend this for drier skin types.
What you will need
You do need the brushes that come with it, there’s a kabuki brush and a spot brush.  But, lucky you Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Foundation already covered that for you, they set up a beginners kit.  I recommend the full kit if its your first time with this product. Click on the link above and you can learn a lot about this product.
Where to get it?  Bare Escentuals stores, in major department stores and of course Sephora but with makeup try it before you buy it.
For Oily Skin
Bare Escentuals of course. The powder seeps up the oil and keeps you matte and shine free all day. And the all mineral, no chemicals added, foundation, really help your skin stay pure and clean.
Another favorite of mine for oily skin is Oil Free Liquid Foundation, by Laura Mercier is truly amazing product for your troubled oiliness.  Definitely a little pricey but if you want this problem solved and flawless skin this is the way to go!
Combination Skin (oily in the T-zone and dry)
There are so many myths about MAC
How its super heavy and your going to break out! These are not so true and let it remain a myth.  At first, I thought this was true and swore that I would never use it, but I had to see if this would change or hurt my sensitive skin?  Turns out, it’s now kinda of fav of mine, and I’m pretty much a MAC girl all the way.
First off, if you like more of a full coverage makeup this foundation (Number 1) will do that without cakeing or blothching as long as its applied correctly.  This will give you a super matte look.  For a dewy, full coverage look, I would mix two separate foundation by applying the Studio Fix to your T-zone where you shine the most, then add the (Number 2) foundation to the rest of the face.
The reason I add both is because I find that the dewier foundation does not really cover redness but this really adds a natural, no makeup look and feel.  Top off you T-zone with a Mineralize Skin Finish compact powder (Number 3), but don’t add the powder all over your face or the dewiness will be gone…
Below is the order in which I spoke about all on the Mac Foundations