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Now there’s, holiday weight, the freshmen 15, post pregnancy weight, not many of us talk about newlywed weight. Let’s face it once we get married there’s no need to order only salad for dinner. We already got our man, why do we need to diet? That’s the mindset of most newlyweds, busy eating celebratory dinners, shmoozing at parties with other couples or simply being glued to the couch, watching netflix and eating left over take out. When we eat as a couple, we tend to pick up our husband’s habits, full plates, greasy foods, second helpings, with all that food no wonder newlyweds gain weight. Suddenly our favorite little black dress doesn’t fit and reality hits. No worries ladies, most guys like curves and really don’t mind the extra weight. Studies show that we measure our marital happiness by the pound. Husband’s happiness weren’t connected to how much their wives weigh, but whether their wives were thinner than they were. The same goes for their wives, they were also happier in their marriage, as long as they were thinner than their husbands. University of Tennessee monitored 165 newlyweds, studies also showed when a woman weighed more than her husband, she became unhappy in their marriage. Basically men want to feel that their wives are more attractive than they are and women want to feel more attractive than their husbands. So the secret to a happy marriage is to stop dieting and feed your husband a second course.