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Estee Gotts Style

So everyone knows the way to get a flawless look with your makeup application starts with a good skin care regimen, and most of all a great moisturizer.
I have been on a mission to find a great moisturizer for so long.  And guess what? 
I FOUND IT! It has FINALLY graced me with its presence, Instant Moisturizer, perfect name, no?
I think so too, because that is exactly what it does.  Your skin will automatically feel refreshed and that tight dry feeling instantly disappears.
Where to get it? Sephora and it is a Sephora brand too, a 1.69 oz jar, and get this its only 20 dollars (RECESSION PROOF)!!! If applied two times a day, this will definitely last you through winter and spring.
P.S. Its a great wrinkle fighter too!

Instant Moisturizer

I would love for your feedback!  Sephora also gives samples of it so definitely give it a shot and please let me know if you love it as much as I do.