For all the short gals out there, I totally related to this article High Heels – Shoes for Women on ELLE.com.  For pretty much ever, I have longed to be tall. I began my love/hate relationship with heels, when I was 12.  I remember thinking to myself this is only temporary because eventually I’ll get taller, but I never did.   At exactly 5″1, pretty much everyone I knew towered over me, even my little sister, who never lets me forget it.

My heel collection grew, as I waited to get taller.  The feeling that comes when you slip on an extra 4″ to your height is wonderful.  But when you take off those 4″ your left with aches, calluses and blisters.  Consistently, reports advise women to keep heels at a comfortable 2″, that high heels are dangerous to women’s health. Extreme high heels may cause bunions, tendonitis, ankle sprains or foot deformity, yet heels are only getting higher. A fair trade for momentary bliss.

What is it about high heels that makes you feel that you can conquer the world? The average woman can only wear killer stilettos for a couple of hours at a time, before slipping on the her ballerina flats, stuffed in her clutch. Unless you’re a professional model or celebrity, most of us have a hard time walking in our heels, and nowadays we’ve seen todays models stumbling in stilletos barely making it to the end of the runway. No matter the pain, our love affair with high heels are here to stay. Many may shake their heads, with disapproval, asking “how do you walk in those?” “Don’t those hurt, why don’t you put on flats?” Sure there are plenty of cute and playful, flirtatious flats out there. But that’s exactly what they are playful. When you slip on stilettos or pumps, you know you mean business.

Why do we love the shoes that hurt us?  Once considered a symbol of wealth, the idea is that if you’re wearing towering heels, you can’t possibly go to work.  Heels elongate and exaggerate the our form, in all the right places, causing feminist to spout that heels are society’s way of shackling women.  On the contrary, heels are a symbol of power, power over those admiring glances.  Women throughout history in all cultures, suffer through pain or discomfort to look beautiful.  Whether its a good or bad thing is up to you.


Moderation is key to everything.  You don’t have to wear 5″ heels to the office but its ok to slip them on to the occasional office party.  it’s not just about the height, social status or sex appeal, heels have transcended all of that to be a form of art and self-expression.  Pain is not the goal, it’s just an unfortunate side effect of looking glamorous.